Marine pneumatics

Our company is one of the few company which is serving at marine pneumatics area.

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  • Maine engine pneumatical systems,
  • Diesel generator pneumatical systems,
  • Pneumatic actuators,
  • Pneumatic actuated back flushing filters,
  • Hydro-pneumatical pumps                                                                                                                                                Are at our scope of service.


marine pneumatics

ballast pneumatic actuation system of floating dock 55 pcs maintanence done

marine pneumatics

pneumatic conditioning system renewal oiler-regulator-dryer

marine pneumaticspneumatic actuation system Horas 18 pcs actuator maintanence and test done

marine pneumatics

bridge pneumatic manuevring system maintanence

(EMERGENCY RESPONSE LINES  +90543853 87 88 & +90532 152 99 76)



Main engine manuevring and safety system is mostly pneumatical and needs specialist hands for maintanence.We are those specialist hand on service.

Problems could be occur at pneumatical systems of maine engines;

– Start problem of main engine

– Engine command problem from bridge,

– Engine command problem from engine control room,

– Engine overspeed problem,

– With the heavy air leakages inefficient run of manuevring system.

– Malfunction of Engine safety system thus engine not stop at problems such as overspeed,low oil pressure,high exhaust differencial figures,low water pressure.

Problems could be occur at backflushing filter because of filter pneumatical system malfunction;

-Due to problem at 5/2 and 3/2 directional way valves,filter should not run properly because of that pollution of engine circulating oil, as a result dramatic drop at bearing life of main engine.

– Due to problem at 5/2 and 3/2 directional way valves,filter should not run properly because of that fuel would not clean properly ,as a result damage of plunger ,barrels and injection valves.Dramatic drop at Piston,liner lifes.

Problems could be occur at ballast system because of ballast pneumatical system malfunction;

-Due to malfunction at pneumatical actuators,valves command problem.Because of that ;unsafe operation of ballast valves with manual operation+ time loss.

– Due to heavy leakages at pneumatical system inefficient run of air compressors,dramatical drop at compressor life cyle triple up of maintanence costs.


To Summerize pneumatical systems are in use on command of  most sensitive systems of vessels that is why pneumatical system maintanence could be done by specialist hands.Otherwise price of mistake will be very  high.

With our high maintanence experience  ,wide spare supply capacity  ,we are at your service.


With the large scope  of  marine pneumatics supply ;

-Pneumatical direction control valves,

-Pneumatical actuators,

-Pneumatical seals,

-Pneumatical start motors,

-Pneumatical conditioners,


We are at your service.

We can help you to solve marine pneumatics problems at Turkish ports also we can send service crew to all over world).


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