SepArator service tuzla ; We are experienced seperator  service workshop at tuzla.Our company is providing maintanence service to every kind of centrifugal seperator.We are also organizing delivery ,sales,spare parts sale and installation of seperators.

Top prefered seperator brand are below;

  • Alfa laval,
  • Westfalia,
  • Mitsubishi,

 No matter which brand of your separator,we can provide service at all Turkish ports .You can just click  CONTACT for your inquiries for emergency service request you can call below number 7/24 without hesitation.

Some of finished repairs at our workshop;


separator service tuzla

Alfa laval whpx 505 maintanence at our workshop

separator service tuzla

Alfa laval mmpx 304 maintanence finished

separator service tuzla

Alfa laval PA 625 maintanence and sales done

“Separator service tuzla” is our motto but we can send our service team all over Turkey.

How separator works ?

Separator invented by de laval family for deriving cream from milk.As a principle it utilize centrifigual force to separate liquids with different densities.

There are some musts for separator’s work principle ;

  • There should be density difference between liquids,
  • Process density should not exceed  about 1.03 kg/cm^3
  • 2 liquids should be physically mixed not chemically,because seperator only accelerates physical partition.

Separator Working principle will be explained at below steps;

seperator service tuzla

1.With the gravity mixed liquid become 2 phase

If one mixture with 2 liquid leaved in one vessel for a while,dense liquid will be go to down ,light phase will go to up.If vessel is heated ,partition will accelerate.

seperator service tuzla

2 -Cross plates with narrow inbetween passages accelerate partition

Experiments show that if cross discs with narrow passages put in to ssytem and liquid is poured,Partition is far more fast.

seperator service tuzla

3-Vertical orientation of disc stack + centrifugal turn

Number 3 is internal structure of  separator.Which turns approximately 11000 revolution per minute. From up  mixture enters,from 2 outlets ( one for light phase ,other for heavy phase) liquid exits .for effective separation water interface wall exist in seperator,Liquid crash that water wall inside working separator,heavy phase go outward,light phase remain at inwards.Position of this water interface is determined by gravity disc.

At Marine industry Separators use for,Mineral oils,diesel oil,fuel oil,oily bilge water.If we name one ship as a body,Separators would be considered as kidneys of that body.


Because Tuzla/ISTANBUL region is heart of  world ship repair industry and hundreds of vessels repaired at Tuzla shipyards anually.Tuzla is brand of high quality,brand of good service.Separator repair service forTuzla and Yalova region is necessity.That is why  We use separator service tuzla.



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